Electrical Contractor To The New Build Sector & New Home Inspection Surveys

Services Offered

Electrical Design

We can offer assistance at all levels of electrical design be it that one off build or a larger 

development project.

Electrical Installation

Using fully qualified and highly experienced Electricians to carryout the electrical installation from the design stage all the way through to the completion of your project.

New Property Inspection Services

Let us use our 24 years of construction industry knowledge to ensure your new property is finished to the highest level and standard you would expect. 

About Us

Reliable Contractors

Electrical Contractor to the New Build Sector specializing in new build projects & New Home Inspection Surveys. We offer a wide range of services to meet your project needs and ensure durable and cost effective workmanship.

Communication is Key

We will work with you to meet deadlines and coordinate with other related trades. We will maintain open communication with you to keep you up to date on the status of your job. We do this to guarantee that the project is completed according to your preferences.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

 We strive to save you both time and money by combining our use of industry knowledge, the highest quality products and equipment, and our dedication to delivering exceptional service. We will not leave the job until it is finished and you are satisfied.

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Celor Limited

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Electrical Design & Installation


We have vast experience of all types of electrical installations in new properties. All work is carried out to BS7671 standards with building control notifications as required by Part P of the building regulations.

BS7671 is the British Standard for Electrical Installation& incorporates the IEE wiring regulations.

Celor Ltd. can include early design & consultation with builders & clients followed by the actual installation work through to the testing & hand-over with all electrical certification handled by ourselves.

We aim to ensure that you get the most from your electric supply and to provide you with the comfort and ease of getting the most out of the latest technologies available.

We have over 24 years experience of electrical installations in all types of new buildings & developments ranging from 1 bed studio flats to 12,800sq.ft pop star & footballers homes and single unit projects to projects with 300+ units.

New Home Inspection Survey

What We Do


We provide professional new home snagging inspections throughout the UK.

Our new build inspectors will produce a professional snagging list for your new home.

Our inspectors are highly experienced and have inspected thousands of new homes. We have combined their professional knowledge to produce an effective snagging methodology which is under constant development. 

Ideally the inspection will be carried out prior to occupation so that the developer will have time to address all the problems before you complete, but it can take place at any time in the first two years of your NHBC, Premier or Zurich warranty, if applicable, when problems with the finish of your new home are covered. We have inspected houses throughout this period.

Two copies of the snagging report will be issued within 2 working days of the inspection.

Our new home snagging service represents excellent value for money. To get your new home inspected by one of our professional snagging inspectors, call 01234 751907 now.

The average newly built property will typically have between 50 and 150 defects within it, representing £1000’s of work in many cases. As many as 1 in 12 newly built properties have in excess of 200 defects. These defects range from simple matters, such as paint finishes being untidy, to more serious issues, such as faulty wiring and floors not being level. You won’t believe some of the cut-corners we have seen in our time!




What is snagging?

Here’s a really good guide to snagging written by the people from Home owners alliance

Do I need a snagging list for my new build home?

If you spot any defects in your new build home, it’s up to you to report them to your housebuilder. Find out what a snagging list is and how it can help.

“It is your housebuilder’s responsibility to check and fix any cosmetic defects before you complete on the sale but it is unlikely they are going to pick up on everything.”

Looking for a home in mint condition? You might think buying a new build is the answer.  But new does not necessarily mean flawless.

Newly-built properties are known for minor defects or “snags” caused by poor workmanship or equipment.

If you spot any defects in your home, it is up to you to itemise and report them to your housebuilder. It’s also a good thing to do if you are hiring tradesmen to renovate your property.

You can put together your own list or hire a company to do it for you. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a snag? 

A snag is a small defect or problem that remains in your property after the building work has been completed. It is typically something that is damaged or broken; not fitted properly or looks unfinished – think a scratch on a window or a missing hinge on a door.

Most are cosmetic – however more serious defects can arise such as major cracks and kitchen fixtures that are not fitted properly.

What is a snagging list? 

The purpose of a snagging list is to identify defects in your home for your housebuilder to fix.

How does it work? 

The person carrying out the inspection will want to walk around your property on their own or with the housebuilder. You can look at the notes at the end and suggest anything you think needs adding.

The inspection report is sent to you and the housebuilder with your permission. You can contact the housebuilder or ask the snagging services company to do it for you.

Alternatively, you could ask your conveyancer to contact the housebuilder’s own conveyancer and ask for a timetable of when the work will be dealt with.

What are the main advantages of a snagging service? 

A professional inspector is likely to spot more defects than a homeowner. As part of the service, they can liaise with your housebuilder on your behalf and push for the defects to be fixed. It also means you don’t have to get personally involved.

For an additional fee, you can ask them to re-check the work to make sure more damage hasn’t been caused and offer support up until your new home warranty has expired.


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